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I love yoga
Thursday, 13 January 2011
Yoga For Life And Cure
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Been doing yoga for some years now and would like to share experiences with you. Yoga is really good for your health and it is especially good if you have a stressfull life.

I know because I lead one.

As  inspector of the public school system I have to putup with a lot of stress to manage a busy schedule. Before I did yoga I was always sleepy in the evening and felt a lack of ebergy at most of the days. My sleep was shallow and poor and I couldn't relax at all not even if a took a good cognac in front of the TV.

A friend and collegeu of mine dragged me to a yoga class 2 years ago. It was in the autumn and the wind was getting colder and the leaves on the trees were starting to shift heir color to an reddish brown. the maple trees are really at treir best in the autumn aren't they?

Anyway it was power yoga class and I recall being totally exhausted after it. I considered myself reasonably fit but now I had been humiliated by the yoga system. i realized soon that yoga is at its best if done regularly and frequently. 

The health benefits of yoga are numerous. Above everything else I got energy. Very much energy. Not right away of course it took me some time to adapt but when you do yoga and know what to do and it is just a naturla flow you gain tremendous energy from it. It lasts all day and yu just walk around feeling and being helhty all the time.

I have had a problem with my hearing before it is called tinnitus or ringing in the ears. It became always worse when I was stressed. This problem has vanished. It took me about six months and I realized it was gone! And I thought tinnitus couldn't be cured.

Posted by sanguine-health at 9:24 AM EST

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